Refrigeration Services


Being a turnkey solution provider specialist, we not only cater and serve the complete food industry, but other industries as well like pharmaceutical, hospitality, chemical telecom, etc.
Each industry being different demands specific storage requirements, with variables like temperature, humidity, room pressurization, odor control, air treatment, bacteria control, etc.
Employment of Latest Technology in terms of storage, demands for techno-commercial feasibility to any solution thus it is of foremost importance in our design, delivering unmatched, more lasting economical solution, supported by training and timely service support.


The range offered by chillex is not limited to the following list. Condensing Units; with semi-hermetic, hermetic, and scroll compressors that are either
  • Water cooled condensing units
  • Air cooled condensing units


  • Single direction air discharge coolers, for typical application
  • Dual direction air discharge coolers, ideal for temperature controlled corridors, ante rooms, etc.
  • Coolers with high static axial fans & blowers for long range air throw up to 60m and more.
  • Brine Coolers for chilled water and glycol application • Normal air conditioning coolers with axial fans (or) blowers
  • Fresh Air Handling Units for 'fresh air' in the process area, most suitable for processing & packaging industry
  • 'Air filtration' and 'odor control' options for clean rooms, most suited for pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, etc.
Our range of supplies includes standard as well custom made condensing units and semi industrial compressor pack or rack system complete with electrical control panel and all inline components. Our supplies includes:
  • Typical condensing units
  • Multi Compressor packs system with or without integrated air cooled condenser complete with electrical control panel and all inline components. Compressor can be any type i.e. scroll, semi-hermetic and screw type.
  • Water chillers.
  • Ice bank systems.
  • Brine chillers and brine freezers
  • Custom made refrigeration system in order to meet site requirement
  • INSULATED POLYUTHANE PANELS for cold room insulation, as well insulated sliding and hinged doors.